Love themed birthday explosion box

Hello Crafty Folks,

I am here back with a lovely explosion box on birthday theme plus love theme in this.

I loved the colours and working on this card, it has a special thing the cake has a magnetic base so when you got to see the flaps you can easily keep the cake aside and looks at the flaps nicely and then keep the cake back to its base and that’s it, the magnets will do their job also as it’s a love themed box I love the colours .

Do share your feedback and comments in comments section below 😊D795D01E-EE12-4C42-B064-18744207FADEF549499C-C0A2-4372-BB48-ECF1FDFBECBB60DAFC2D-9DA0-4AF5-A913-88613986A8AF19A9381F-E9D4-4DB0-AD96-9198F290B365B48ED179-CCD9-486A-A9C1-81EFBB717DD5A9EB85B5-32B7-4E83-803A-CC5250DD84863D49E91C-9745-4717-9A5D-4EA7751CFA33E1FE270F-8A95-4852-B9D6-BC38E65639E0677E11A0-C08F-4409-98C0-643D69B63CC031B841AE-378F-499A-A3F2-FF4CEC71886744F7A5F1-2586-4065-A9C0-AAA15513CE944645747A-A3AC-4B10-A4AC-8683F5F6613728C7DF81-AF1F-4A79-9478-57E3B9EF577F


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